Thursday, August 05, 2010

Secrect 2 ( 3D )

Recently Jay Chou has been busy with his world tour, but in recent days a Taiwanese cinematographer Kiven revealed on his blog the plans of Jay Chou's new movie "Secret 2", the female lead has been exposed early. According to cinematographer Kiven: "After Jay Chou is finished with his concert next year, he'll film the sequel to Secret. At present the script is already being planned, this time it's going to be a bit more sci-fi, and also bits of it will be in 3D."

When Jay Chou was filming "Secret" he already had ideas for "Secret 2", it was just because he was busy with other things afterwards that nothing came of it. The script for the new movie has already been in the works since the start of last year, it's been confirmed now that they will start filming in September next year. Earlier Jay Chou revealed to the media, besides the background crew for the movie not changing, the majority of the male cast will also be the same, but for the female cast he wants to "change things". He's worried that the audience have too deep of an impression of Guai Lun Mei and Alice Tzeng, so with a newcomer it will give the movie a different feeling. And about other details of the movie, Jay Chou has been unwilling to reveal any information.

But cinematographer Kiven leaked quite a lot of Jay Chou's "secrets" on his blog; just like last time "Secret 2" will be about time travelling, it's just that this time there'll be more creative scenes and stories. In Director Chou's new album "The Era" he has been plugging the "time travelling" songs, this time's "Secret 2" female lead, Man Qi, was recommended to Jay Chou by a good friend. The female lead is pretty and pure, her sweet temperament is in line with the style of people Jay Chou uses. The different thing to "Secret" is that this time in "Secret 2", it will be about "time travel" between now and the future, due to the fact the male and female leads are from different eras and have different technologies, a lot of exciting stories arise from it. The male lead is a high school student, the female lead is from the technology-advanced future, very sci-fi, for this time Jay Chou will use 3D in the movie and make a music love story with the "Hollywood" style grand feeling.

Reporters asked for further confirmation about the details revealed by Kiven about "Secret", and they got into contact with JVR staff. Staff member Mr Wang did not deny plans about "Secret 2", but he declined to comment about further details.

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