Thursday, September 02, 2010

"China Model Star Contest Top Ten Most Photogenic Model"

From Beijing, Jenny Xu won "China Model Star Contest Top Ten Most Photogenic Model" in 2006. A year ago, she officially started developing her career in Hong Kong. Earlier she shot an advertisement with Moses Chan, it was rumored that Kevin Cheng and Jenny were match-made together by Moses. Although she denied dating Kevin, every time she speaks of Kevin, she would always let out a sweet smile. She said: "I don't watch much TV, only know that he is an artist, don't even know his name. He is my friend's friend and is not as complicated as you all make it seem. That night, I went to his house with a friend, there were other people who were there too. (What do you think of him?) He is a lot older than me, like a big brother, very gentlemen. (Is there a chance to develop further?) I don't know how the future is. Romance, just let it flow naturally."

Coming to Hong Kong to work alone, she would feel lonely and wants to date. Jenny's ideal partner is someone who is mature, but that does not mean someone older and appearance is not that important. When asked if Kevin would be a even better boyfriend since he's mature and handsome? She smiled: "We are all just wishing." She said that she is not dating currently and when she does in the future, she will admit it. Jenny then denied that she's familiar with Moses: "We only met during work, we didn't keep in touch after nor does she have his phone number."

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