Friday, September 10, 2010

Raymond Lam filming (Colorful World of Sister Fa)

After staying in the hospital for 3 days, Raymond Lam left yesterday and around 30 reporters were already waiting for him. Raymond appeared in mask and neck brace. He expressed after being diagnosed, doctor confirmed it's cervical displacement and discovered two of his bones were on the nerves; Raymond needs physical therapy and lots of rest. When the therapist was straightening Raymond's back, Raymond felt great pain and almost fainted.

Raymond disclosed he hasn't went into the hospital for more than 10 years. The last time was when his mother gave birth to his younger brother and he accompanied her. Raymond said he did a full body check and everything is fine fortunately, just his immune system is not too good. He suspects when he was filming a motorcycle scene earlier, because the helmet he was wearing didn't fit him that was why it triggered the injury.

Raymond said he still need to return to the hospital for physical therapy. Now besides eating pain killer drugs, he also have to wear neck brace for protection and doesn't dare to drive. After he left the hospital and went home, he returned to TV city to continue filming <花花世界花家姐> (Colorful World of Sister Fa). He seemed very cautious when getting off the car. He sighed his schedule is very full so he needs to finish everything quickly. He also need to go to Mainland to film a movie. Although there are many action scenes, but he would try his hardest to finish them.

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