Friday, September 10, 2010

Single released on November 24

SDN48 has wrapped up its own "senbatsu" election for its first major label single, as announced last month. Former AKB48 member Megumi Ohori (27) ranked #1 by a wide margin, taking the top rank in all three voting categories. As a result, she will have the center position on the upcoming release.

The rest of the 12 elected members, in order, are Yukari Sato, Kayo Noro, KONAN, Kazumi Urano, Haruka Umeda, Serina, Mami Kato, Haruka Kohara, Kana Ito, Kazue Akita, and Sakura Fukuyama.

Their single, which is not yet titled, will be released on November 24.

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