Wednesday, October 27, 2010


The 1st of 8 shows of GRASSHOPPER 25th ANNIVERSARY CONTINUE TO REMEMBER ME CONCERT 2010 kicked off last night at Hong Kong Coliseum. Grasshopper appeared in white costumes, the sexiest one was Remus Choy who had on a see-through costume. His two nipples were covered by a white cloth, while he had a white rose on his head. Edmond So was dressed in a deep V tuxedo and Calvin Choy had on a cloak. The 3 members danced and sing a dozen of their very familiar songs including The Burning Years, Love and Hate and Depend on What, which led to the climax of the concert. Many of the fans in the audience were so into it, they stood up.

Grasshopper then shouted: "Everyone, 1985's New Talent Singing Contest contestant Grasshopper Charge Together!" Then they continued dancing to the song that they sang during the singing contest, followed by 20 classic hits. During the time, 20 Mirror Balls slowly came down from above the stage, creating a warm atmosphere. As Grasshopper sang, they constantly greeted the audience: "How are you all? Waited half a year, believe everyone who loves Grasshopper are here, once we came out together, you guys screamed 'wah' nonstop. Didn't realize it, but we sang for half an hour already!" The extreme high Remus Choy expressed: "Let me say one thing, Grasshopper really loves you all!"

Calvin Choy frankly said that he was worried about the recent typhoon that hit HK and would affect the concert, fortunately fans' excitement made it go away, he said: "25 years was really not easy, so we're sending 25 songs that we grew up with for you all to listen!" Also, yesterday at 5pm, Grasshopper was rehearsing for the concert, regarding the beautiful weather, Calvin joked: "The heavens want to watch our show!" Good friend Ekin Cheng was dressed in Grasshopper's concert costumes to shoot a "making of" clip for them, a true friend!

Outside of HK Coliseum, there were several tables selling Grasshopper souvenirs including HK$280 T-Shirts and HK$80 Grasshopper's Book of Memories.

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