Wednesday, October 27, 2010

‘IRIS’ won an award ‘Best Actor in Asia’

South Korean actor Lee Byung Hun, who played the protagonist role in the 2009 South Korean espionage television drama series ‘‘IRIS,’’ was given the ‘‘Best Actor in Asia’’ award Monday on the opening day of the four-day International Drama Festival in Tokyo.

Japanese actress Keiko Kishi, who headed the selecting committee, handed the award to Lee at a ceremony in Tokyo.

Lee said, ‘‘I have found it really fortunate that I am living as an actor in this age.’‘

Lee was selected for the award as he has ‘‘shown exceptional acting talent in a non-Japanese Asian drama,’’ according to a statement issued earlier by the executive committee of the festival, organized by the National Association of Commercial Broadcasters in Japan and NHK.

‘‘IRIS,’’ a drama series produced by South Korea’s largest television network Korean Broadcasting System, was broadcast in Japan this year after it attained huge popularity in South Korea last year.

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