Saturday, October 16, 2010


Miriam Yeung's 5 show LADIES & GENTLEMEN WORLD TOUR CONCERT - HONG KONG STOP ended the night before. Besides Andy Hui and Alan Tam being her guests, when Miriam performed "Legend of Superwoman" in a white wedding dress, her husband Real Ting came out wearing a groom's tuxedo to duet with his wife Miriam. It was a very touching scene, which led loud cheers and screams throughout the venue. Real gave a kiss on Miriam's cheeks and then they mutually embraced, a very heartwarming and happy wedding.

Later, the couple left the stage together to change. When Miriam came back on stage with her new outfit, she said: "It was really frightening just now, he won't be singing again. Up until now, it had always been the media who introduced our love, but now stepping into another stage of life, I officially introduce Real to my family (referring to fans). My parents, family and my in-laws came all the way from Shanghai to HK Coliseum, many people really love us."

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