Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Lynn Xiong celebrated her 30th birthday

Lynn Xiong celebrated her 30th birthday last weekend on the set of Material Queen in Paris. She and costar Van Ness Wu were filming a breakup scene inside a police vehicle on the 9th. A local policeman played by an extra drove them to the front of a police station and told them to get out. Lynn Xiong was then greeted by over 50 people singing Happy Birthday to her. She was moved to tears and said, “I thought no one knows my birthday. You all love to act. I lost!”

Van Ness Wu gave her a dozen of white roses which he bought on the way to filming. He said he and Lynn Xiong passed by a flower shop several days ago. They both happened to like French white roses, so he especially bought them for her birthday. He “wished Lynn to be loved like a queen forever!” The crowd wanted them to kiss, but he excused himself saying it will be shown in the drama. In the end, the two celebrated by holding hands instead.

Lynn Xiong was asked if boyfriend Aaron Kwok has given her any birthday gifts, to which she answered, “Secret!” According to reports, he already held a birthday party for her before she left for Paris. The two were photograph together with friends at a hot pot restaurant in Hong Kong. Whether it is Aaron Kwok or the crew from Material Queen, Lynn Xiong is sure to have one very happy birthday.

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