Wednesday, October 27, 2010

News : " Perfect Wedding "

Wong Zhen Zhen gives people the impression of being hearty, straight forward. There were people from the industry who pointed that Raymond in (Perfect Wedding) has successfully brought out the charm in him. Towards this, Wong Zhen Zhen did not hesitate and laughingly said, "I think that Raymond Lam has the potential to be Tony Leung Chiu Wai's successor, but he needs to take it slowly, he has just officially started this year, my job is to bring out the charm in him, if he is willing to put in more effort, open up himself, it's might be possible.

"The current Raymond Lam that we see has only shown 30% of his ability, he has more than this."

Wong Zhen Zhen frankly said, everytime when she films, she would look for the lead roles for a drink and chit chat, getting more familiar with each other is easier to understand their inner thoughts. She did not feel that Raymond Lam has "prince disease", whereas Miriam, she worked even harder to bring out the 3D (different personalities) in the role.

"Perfect Wedding talks about sister-brother love. Miriam Yeung who married Real Ding in reality who is 5 years younger than her, when she received the script she immediately asked me ' is this writing about me' ?"

While talking, Wong Zhen Zhen told the reporter something hilarious, "Before filming intimate scenes Raymond and Miriam hesitated, because he is very close with Miriam's husband, Real Ding, saying that when filming the intimate scenes would be very awkward, so I suggested him: " Why not you give a call to her husband and talk for a bit, couldn't believe he said "okay", don't know if the two guys did successfully "discuss" in the end, haha..."

Asking about "sister-brother" love, Wong Zhen Zhen who has attractive appearance expressed, if this year she is only 18 years old she would definitely reject this type of relationship, her target must definitely be more matured than her, can provide her material things, but at this stage she feels that being happy is enough, elder or younger isn't a problem at all.

"A lady also hopes to find a man who is energetic and lively, and not a man who would just stay home and watch the TV, wouldn't that be boring?"

Model Chrissie Chau highly praised Raymond Lam for his soft lips, it's very comfortable when kissing him!

According to Hong Kong's news, Chrissie Chau, Raymond Lam and Miriam Yeung appeared at press conference for the movie yesterday, Chrissie Chau frankly said that she deeply missed the kissing scene with Raymond Lam and also praised Raymond, "nice to kiss", and exposed that when she was filming she fell in love with him!

Chrissie Chau said in the cinema when she was watching her intimate scenes with Raymond Lam she felt abit choked: "He's nice to kiss, when filming I also fell for him abit."

The magazine's reporter asked "Perfect Wedding's" director Wong Zhen Zhen, when she accepted the interview she pointed, "Chrissie Chau is currently very hot(high popularity) in Hong Kong, previously I bumped into her in a public event, I felt that she is just a model, she has her own character, after working together only I realised that she's very smart!"

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