Saturday, October 16, 2010

Rosy Business on ASTRO ON Demand (AOD)

ASTRO ON Demand (AOD) will be releasing the much-awaited follow-up to last year’s popular serial Rosy Business on Oct 18, simultaneously with Hongkong. No Regrets stars most of the original cast members such as Wayne Lai, Sheren Tang, Pierre Ngo, Elliot Ngok Wah, Susan Tse and Nancy Wu. Joining the line-up this year are Fala Chen and Raymond Wong.
Lai (who won the best male actor award for his role at TVB’s 43rd Anniversary Awards show), Chen and Ngo were in Kuala Lumpur recently on a promotional tour for the series.

The 32-episode serial takes place during World War II, approximately 100 years after the events of Rosy Business. It will take on a darker route with Tang playing a villain – the daughter of a gang kingpin – and Lai as the head of a criminal investigation team. Chen stars as his bed-ridden younger sister while Ngo portrays his timid teammate.

When asked if there is anything romantic between his character and that of Tang’s, Lai declined to elaborate. "It all depends on the individual," he said. "Each person’s perception of romance is different as feelings are something that are difficult to define."

As for whether he is under pressure to get the best male actor award again for this serial, he said he has never given such matters much thought. "I only do the best I can and give my full cooperation when it comes to promotions so as to allow viewers a chance to interact with the actors through the activities."

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