Saturday, October 16, 2010

Steven Ma To Release Album, Re-Entering Music Scene

In recent years, Steven Ma has become quite a specialist of TVB ancient period dramas. The other day, he had a costume fitting tryout for a sales presentation program that will be aired on the 9th of next month. With his pasted beard, he portrayed 2nd Brother Guan. (Guan Yu). The shooting of the series promotional video will commence next year; the series tackles the theme of time travel.

Lately, thanks to Ghost Writer, Steven Ma has received many outside jobs in Mainland China doing performances. It is said that this series has enabled Steven to enter the anniversary awards battle circle to compete against Moses Chan and Wayne Lai for TV King. Also, he may an opportunity to return to the music scene and release an album.

It is said that a Mainland records company is negotiating with TVB to purchase the copyright to Steven’s Ghost Writer theme song, so as to record a Mandarin version. The company also plans to record an album of all Steven’s theme songs to be released in both Hong Kong and China. Regarding Steven releasing an album, Mrs. Lin, the owner of Fung Hang Records Ltd, yesterday confirmed over the phone that her company is indeed presently negotiating to purchase the theme song of Ghost Writer. She also said that she is very confident towards Steven re-entering the music scene.

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