Sunday, October 31, 2010

TVB anniversary series "Gun Metal Grey"

Another anticipating TVB anniversary series "Gun Metal Grey" is to premier next week. The cast includes two of TVB's former "five tiger generals" Michael Miu and Felix Wong. The two have not collaborated for 24 years since "The Yang's Saga" This year is also their 30th year in the showbiz, so this series is quite memorable for the two.

"Gun Metal Grey" is different than regular police series. It tells how a justified police becomes a dangerous character who commits crime and challenges the law. Felix plays a legend icon in the police field Stone Sir. He was sentenced to jail 15 years ago and regained his position as a police later on. He would torture criminals in private and sees himself as the justified judge. Michael plays Felix's good friend who tries to stop Felix from becoming too extreme. He vows to stop Felix and maintain the current law enforcement system. Cases in the series take examples from Hong Kong's top ten criminal cases, and add in new elements and character relationships. The series re-created these cases and made the plot more intense.

Besides crime solving cases, the series also adds in a love triangle between Felix, Michael, and Jessican Hsuan. Playing a tough and strong magazine editor, Jessica admires Felix and sparks up with Michael. Jessica expresses she feels happy that she is able to work with Felix and Michael, leaving a perfect memory in her showbiz career.

Other actors included Nancy Wu, Vincent Wong, Grace Wong, and Oscar Leung, etc. The series to premier on November 1.

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