Saturday, October 16, 2010

TVB anniversary series No Regrets airing (October 18th)

As TVB anniversary series No Regrets starring Wayne Lai and Sheren Tang is airing next Monday (October 18th), the promotions are already going wave after wave. The night before, Wayne, Susan Tse, Evergreen Mak and other cast members from the series were arranged to take part in Super Trio Game Master. TVB seems to have high expectations for No Regrets, not letting anything go wrong.

Wayne was asked if the No Regrets momentum is strong? He modestly said: "It's a good thing, the promotion clips were done very well. Of course good production will have good promotional clips. Actually this time on we're on Super Trio is because there is only 1 or 2 episodes left in the show, they wanted the No Regrets cast to go on the show and play. (Full of confidence for TV King?) It is most important that the series is a success, it's a big deal to my personal honor. After all, this series is guaranteed by reputation, so if it doesn't do well, then money back!"

Susan said that many friends is highly anticipating No Regrets, she personally hopes that it will do better than Rosy Business and won't disappoint the audience: "This time, it's an original story, no plagiarisms involved, will be a good attraction for audience."

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