Saturday, October 16, 2010

TVB new series The Truth

TVB little flower Natalie Tong has been working with Raymond Wong and Tavia Yeung in new series The Truth. She said that she had always been physically weak, especially working during the summer, she easily gets a heat stroke and faints. Raymond often teases her during filming: "Your dizzy again?"

To get rid of her 'frail girl' name, Natalie has started taking Chinese herbal medicines to look after her health for a few months already. She expressed: "Because I have low blood pressure, so I always don't look very good, and get dizzy easily. That's why people that work with me are very frightened, after taking Chinese herbal medicines for a few months, it has been effective, even if I don't have enough sleep, it's no problem."

It's understood that the storyline to The Truth is based on true stories, Natalie felt that there is a sense of challenge. She said: "The story is not based on imaginations, have to think back to how the person involved was feeling, there's a fresh feeling [to this type of acting]."

Immediately following The Truth, Natalie will start a new Qing dynasty costume series, she expressed that she'll be asking advice from "see fu" Sunny Chan. She said: "Sunny and I have collaborated in many series, I made him my 'see fu' because he's really good in acting. Even if I'm not working with him and I ask him, he's still more than welcomed to help me, he's a really good person. I feel that Sunny is best at costume series, he taught me to watch more Mainland series, experience their acting styles and then think more about it myself, hope that my acting can get better."

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