Thursday, November 18, 2010

42nd Anniversary Power Artist 2010 awards

The Mingpao Weekly 42nd Anniversary Power Artist 2010 Awards Presentation was held yesterday. Adam Cheng and his daughter Joyce Cheng, Sammo Hung and his wife, Suki Tsui and her husband, Alan Tam and his wife, Liza Wang, Angie Chiu, Stephen Chan, Connie Chan, Wong Cho Lam and Moses Chan attended.

Eason Chan won 2 awards including the Most Outstanding Male Singer Award depending on his song Naked (一絲不掛) and Most Outstanding Album for his album Time Flies. Moses Chan and Charmaine Sheh both won Most Outstanding TV Male and Female Artist Award for their roles in Can't Buy Me Love. When Moses won the award, he expressed that he has more confidence to win the TVB Best Actor award. Sammi Cheng was presented with the Power of Love Award. Leon Lai won the Greeting Big Award. Moses said: "My first award in my acting career was from the hands of Leslie Cheung. Today winning this award, I feel very special, and have more confidence to get TV King. I am very surprised to see Stephen Chan here, very happy that he presented the award to me." He said he felt that he got good results this year, even Chow Yun Fat praised him, so if in the end Wayne Lai gets the TV King award, he'll be just as happy because Wayne is his idol. As to TVB scheduled the awards ceremony to be held at the same time as the Miss Asia Pageant, Moses felt: "No need to fight, each station has their own audience, I personally like watching TVB's pageants."

Eason was unable to personally accept his award, but he recorded a clip and expressed that this is 7th year in a row that he's got Most Outstanding Male Singer award, he is very happy, but unfortunately everyone can't see his excited look. He's also very pleased to know that his album Time Flies is getting accepted.

G.E.M won Most Outstanding Female Singer based on her song Love You (愛你). Liza Wang, Wong Cho Lam, Johnson Lee and Louis Yuen won the Most Outstanding Variety Show based on their show Fun With Liza & Gods. Liza happily said: "Not many variety shows get awards!"

Sammi won her Power of Love award from her 2009 album and her charity work. Also unable to attend the awards ceremony, Sammi expressed through a recorded clip: "I am very ashamed to get this award, hope to do even more in the future and inspire everyone's loving heart to do more charity work, helping more needy people in this world."

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