Thursday, November 18, 2010

Drama series "JIN"

The popular 2009 drama series "JIN" is already set to have a sequel next spring, but the original will be returning to the small screen for a special rerun broadcast. While television dramas are often rerun in afternoon time slots, "JIN" will apparently be the first to be rerun during "golden time" (7pm-10pm).

The original 11 episodes will be edited as a "director's cut" and trimmed to fit within 9 hours of broadcast. It will then be divided into two 4-and-a-half-hour episodes, to be aired nationally on December 27 and 28, starting at 7:00pm on both nights.

When it was first aired during the autumn of 2009, "JIN" was very well received. It recorded ratings of over 20% for several episodes, and the finale reached 25.3% ratings. The show has also won various awards, both in Japan and overseas.

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