Thursday, November 25, 2010

Jasmine Leong first album

Since queen of ballads Jasmine Leong has joined Universal her first music album “Love Songs Didn’t Tell You” will be released Dec 24th, Jasmine today went to Hit FM to do promotions on the new album, and at the same time she has been promoted as a producer, the pressure is so heavy that she is grinding her teeth nightly.
First time as a producer, Jasmine admits the pressure is heavy, especially when the thought of working with the lyricist teacher Li Zhuo Hung or communicating with the mixing teacher will give her a headache. Jasmine laughed saying, “To request changing lyrics with teach Li, the moment is a bit scary, but now that I’m a producer, will have to bring the courage to ask the teacher to make the changes.”

There has been a lot of pressure with the production of the new album, Jasmine has been “grinding teeth nightly”, the doctor has diagnosed it due excessive pressure, and has specially given her a transparent mouth guard to be worn while asleep to prevent from teeth grinding. Also asked if her husband has been awaked by her grinding sound? Jasmine answered interestingly, “Life is really happy, he is sleeping deeply and can’t hear it.”

Even though she has been nominated numerous times for Best Female Vocalist of the Golden Melodies Award, but Jasmine has yet to have won the big award, but she is not beaten and her plans of the new album this time also as a “producer” status, hoping next Golden Melodies will include “Best Mandarin Female Vocalist Award” and “Best Producer Award”.

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