Thursday, November 25, 2010

Jay Chou new song " I Can Fly "

Hong Kong star Edison Chen has finally returned to the Taiwan music industry after 3 years. Seed Records said today, Edison will be promoting a new album just in time before Christmas eve, good friend “President Chou” Jay Chou is helping him cut up a new song “I Can”.

Through the ups and downs, Edison’s new album “Confusion “will be a new start, through music to spread to the world that “I am Edison Chen, I am just an ordinary person, I like you also feel gloomy and have troubles.” After setbacks of being tested, Edison said “God used a cruel way to make me grow up, now I’m using my way to tell everyone my growth.”

Edison’s main new song “Mr Sandman (Mr Dreams)”; specially invited internationally renowned DJ “NASA”who produces mixed versions of electronic music, and also invited music pop queen Sammi Cheng to cross collaborate in a duet and to perform in the MV, which hopes to be released before the album first online as a single.

To tell his feelings through music to his fans, Edison personally wrote the all the lyrics, then through the help of rapper MC Hot Dog to completely finish the whole Chinese depiction.

In addition, Edison and Jay not only worked together on the movie “Initial D” but again Jay also wrote a new song “I Can Fly” for him.

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