Friday, November 12, 2010

Jin Sha filming her MV

Girl-meets-next-door meets talent Kym Jin Sha returns to music after three years with her album 星月神话 Legends. The new album makes use of her popularity gained from various dramas, most notably as the selfless Lv Su in 神话 The Myth . The drama’s insert song, Jin Sha’s self-composed hit single 星月神话 Celestial Legend/ Xing Yue Shen Hua, is the title song of the new album, and is one of four beautiful ZGF ballads in the album, which also include Sichuan Conservatory student’s composition 画中仙 The fairy in the ainting, video game theme song 天边的眷恋 Love at the edge of the Earth and 相思垢 Longing by VAE. Other notable songs in the track include VAE’s composition 你的嘴 Your Mouth and a duet with Nathan Lee .

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