Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Jordan Chan and Cherrie Ying marriage

Jordan Chan and Cherrie Ying got married in Las Vegas this February and held a wedding dinner in Jordan's hometown earlier. Yesterday they held another wedding in Hong Kong Disneyland and held a 52 tables dinner party. The 43-year-old groom was being shy while the 27-year-old bride appeared to be very outgoing that she kept kissing her Mr. Right.

Jordan and his "Young and Dangerous" best men arrived at the garden where the wedding was being held. Nearly 200 guests were there and the MC was Louis Yuen. Jordan took out his iPad to read the oath nervously but his wife Cherrie finished hers at ease. The two exchanged wedding rings after signing on marriage certificate. To remember this special day, Jordan specially went to buy a new pair of wedding rings (they exchanged silver rings in Las Vegas, while exchanged gold rings yesterday).

The singer lifted the bride's veil and kissed her lightly, but reporters requested him to kiss again. They kissed 9 times eventually, meaning "long and forever" (9 means "long" as in time). Cherrie even kissed Jordan again twice when they were being interviewed. Reporters spotted the bride was wearing sneakers under her gown, and she explained because Jordan does not want her to appear too tall.

Cherrie said they held their wedding in Hong Kong because of Jordan's father---he relies on wheel chair due to his old age and impaired mobility. They were asked whether they would start making babies during their honeymoon, and Cherry said no. In order to show the power as a husband, Jordan asked back "why not?." The couple expressed some of their friends could not attend, like their idol Andy Lau; however, Andy did congratulate them on the phone.

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