Friday, November 12, 2010

KARA revealed their new track, "Jumping"

KARA, preparing for co-promotion in Japan and Korea, has revealed their new track, "Jumping." The promotion for Jumping will take place simultaneously in Japan and Korea.

In Japan, Jumping is included in KARA's second Japanese single, to be released on the 10th, and first original album, to be released on the 24th. In Korea, Jumping is included in KARA's 4th mini album, scheduled to drop on the 17th.

KARA will show two different personalities in the two versions of the song, and fans are anticipating.

On the 3rd and the 4th, KARA revealed the teaser pictures for all the members, officially initiating their Korean comeback. The style of "Jumping" utilizes monochromic geometric patterns, showing KARA's mature image.

DSP Entertainment stated, "KARA's image exudes cool and urban chic, with a tinge of modernness. KARA is able to show their individual mature charm with this image."

The image of "Jumping" revealed in Japan is vastly different. Whereas the Korean image is more cool, the Japanese image emphasizes more on the style of contemporary women.

KARA will have different promotional activities in Korea and Japan, which are still being planned. The Japanese Jumping PV is more focused on the choreography whereas the Korean MV puts emphasis on the storyline, and fans have been eagerly anticipating Han Seungyeon's crying scene.

Even though KARA has merely started their activities in Japan less than three months ago, they have received numerous invitations from local TV shows, but they have been unable to attend the majority of them.

KARA has been absent from the Korean entertainment scene for a long period of time, and fans are anxiously awaiting for their comeback activities.

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