Thursday, November 18, 2010

Kazumasa Oda album "Jiko Best"

As further proof of his steady popularity, singer Kazumasa Oda (63) has just achieved a huge milestone. His compilation album "Jiko Best" now exceeds 3 million copies shipped, as of November 17.

Of course, Oda is not the first to reach 3 million with an album. Within the past decade, both Kobukuro and Hikaru Utada have done so (the latter multiple times). However, Oda is the first solo male artist to achieve that feat, and he is also the oldest at 63 years and 2 months.

"Jiko Best" has been selling well ever since its release in April 2002. It reached 1 million copies shipped after its first month, then reached 2 million in December 2004. In May of this year, it appeared on Oricon's weekly album charts (top 300) for the 400th time.

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