Thursday, November 25, 2010

New EP "Move On" Gillian Chung

Gillian Chung (Ah Gill) recently released her new EP "Move On" and held an album signing in Tuen Mun yesterday. A male model named Alex was arranged to appear and Ah Gill was to draw on his arm. The model was nervous that his arm was shaking. Ah Gill had to hold his arm so it would be easy for her to draw.

Ah Gill's new EP talks about her personal feelings and she disclosed she is always mistaken as "black-faced goddess." She said: "They said I'm the No.1 black-faced goddess, but I'm not! I try to smile even when I'm not happy, but sometimes it's very hard to force that!"

After the event ended, the singer got onto the car and ready to leave. But she was surprised to see her good sister Charlene Choi (Ah Sa) in the car! Earlier the day, Ah Sa disclosed on Weibo that she was in a "secret mission," which was actually to make an unexpected appearance to surprise her fellow Twins member.

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