Tuesday, November 16, 2010

New series " Thunder of Forbidden Palace "

Steven Ma is competing for the TVB TV King award and got opponent Wayne Lai describe him as the "scholars" representative, making him extremely grateful. In order to diversify his development, Steven is diligently studying literature and bitterly practicing his martial arts. He vows to be an artist that is the master of pen and sword.

In Leung Choi Yuen's new series Thunder of Forbidden Palace, Steven plays a imperial guard with high martial art skills. It is necessary for him to work hard in practicing his sword use and Tai Chi. He is thankful of the brothers in the martial arts group teaching him for so many years, while the series crew's action director has taught him several different moves. Those moves he learned has come in handy when doing fight scenes. Also part of the cast to this series, Evergreen Mak greatly praises Steven's portrayal of the imperial guard, he is impressive and handsome. They both provided encouragement for each other and mutually congratulated each other in advance in the upcoming awards ceremony.

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