Saturday, November 27, 2010

News : Can't Buy Me Love

Moses Chan is this year's hot favorite for TV King depended on TVB series Can't Buy Me Love. Yesterday he attended a magazine awards ceremony and couldn't hide how desperate he wants an award. He said that though he personally supports his opponent Wayne Lai, but if he wins he'll be even happier and admits that being TVB biological son is a benefit. He said: "This year I'm pretty lucky, had high rated and public praised series, and many advertisements. Pretty good momentum, good chance to get the award! Wayne is my idol, I support him, if he wins I'll be happy, but if I win, I'll be even happier!"

Asked if TVB is biased on their biological sons? Moses frankly said: "Cannot say it like that, but cannot say it isn't a help either." He said that if want to win TV King, besides having the popularity, there also needs to be good acting and social circle. Earlier "fire breathing" Felix Wong didn't really have a good social circle? Moses said: "He has been the Best Actor in our hearts for several years, has his glamor and he definitely has a chance to get the award. (TVB letting him be in the top 5, is to stop the fire?) No." It was rumored that Charmaine Sheh wanted to boost her luck and audience fate, and was cheated HK$180,000 by someone? Moses isn't sure if Charmaine is superstitious, but he felt that she already has audience fate, he hopes to win TV King and Queen with her.

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