Thursday, November 25, 2010

News : "Gun Metal Grey"

As for leads from "Gun Metal Grey" did not get invited to attended to TVB's Anniversary Gala, Jessica Hsuan expressed it is expected: "Know it already! I brought it up to Felix Wong before already. Things have changedin these few years. Some things we already know it by heart. We actors have to do our jobs, already satisfied when the audience accept us. Maybe he doesn't know because he's been gone for this long. He is a good actor. It would be a pity if he quits. He tried this hard, it's definitely a little discouraging when he's not getting enough attention. Our company should be fair. In fact, our series have many supporters. When I was out for facial treatments, many young girls expressed they watch Felix and Michael Miu at dinners. This prove they win hearts of many young girls!"

Another actress from "GMG" Nancy Wu tried to ease out the tension when she knew Felix is mad at TVB: "He actually wants to use this extreme way to promote for our series. (Would you invite him out for dinner to comfort him?) We and several other actors in the series are actually good friends. We will go out together whenever outsiders have good response to our series." In addition, she expressed she will attend to the Anniversary Ceremony (12/5).

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