Tuesday, November 16, 2010

TVB Anniversary Awards Ceremony

TVB Anniversary Awards Ceremony is coming soon (12/5). Anniversary series "No Regrets" and "Can't Buy Me Love" are considered the hot favorites in win awards at the event. These two anniversary series are both supported many people. Yesterday some fans sent a complaint letter to media, complaining TVB changes the voting rule in order to push its "biological children" (those have contracts with TVB) to win in the awards ceremony.

These "No Regrets" fans are dissatisfied and demand a change in the current voting rule; otherwise they will stop watching TVB. Some extreme fans even noted TVB is not respecting Hong Kong people.

As for such accuse, TVB's Senior manager Chan Kar Yeung expressed they have yet receive the complaint letter and he cleared up they did not change the voting rule. He said: "We want fans to vote, so it's not wrong for fans to vote for their idols and favorite series. We are monitoring the voting. The rule didn't change compared to last year's. It's nothing like we allow fans to vote crazily, like it states in the letter. Maybe those viewers didn't fully understand the rules."

Chan explained there are two ways for audience to vote at the Anniversary Awards: voting online at tvb.com and voting by mail. Everyone has one vote only; if someone tries to vote more than once, he/she will be disqualified from the voting.

Reporters searched related voting information and found voters have to fill in their ID numbers on the mail ballot. As for voting online, the basic requirement is to become a tvb.com member and members will need to fill in their ID numbers as well.**

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