Monday, November 08, 2010

TVB Five Tigers

Former "TVB Five Tigers" members Tony Leung and Andy Lau made a rare appearance together at the Star Park Jiangmen City Opening Ceremony (江門市星光公園開園儀式). Other Jiangmen native artists including Eric Tsang, Kiki Sheung, Gillian Chung, and Deep Ng also appeared. The stars-loaded event attracted a large group of local citizens to surround the location.

During the ceremony, Tony and Andy were the most popular, they both were dressed in black and white shirts respectively. Though the two have once been rumored that they were on bad terms, but this time meeting again, Andy and Tony shook hands and were chatting constantly.

Tony expressed that he's currently shooting a new movie The Great Master (一代宗師) in Guangdong, he said: "I am from Taishan and especially took a several hour car ride to come support my hometown Jiangmen. This time, I did not accept any fee for Jiangmen City to invite me, very happy to see so many Jiangmen native artists who also attended. I have to rush back to the filming set later." Tony frankly said that he doesn't go back to his hometown very often, and is happy to see the great development, he hopes to come back more often. Asked if he will buy a house in his hometown? He laughed: "I never thought that far into the future."

Eric Tsang is also very happy that there are nearly 100 artists who took time off their busy schedules to attend the event, he was surprised: "We all have love for our hometown, very touching. I promise that I will make more contributions to my hometown."

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