Tuesday, November 16, 2010

TVB new series The War of Heart

Moses Chan, Adam Cheng and Maggie Tsui attended the blessing ceremony of TVB new series The War of Heart. With silver hair, Adam praised himself that he's handsome and said that he looks like Kazuya Kimura. But then Adam complains that Moses stole all the beautiful girls in the series: "In the series, every girl is his, that is a little unfair! (Is this series original story?) Should be! But all stories in the world is just a big copy. People even copy the 300 Tang poetry! The most important is how the combination is."

In the series, the magician Moses only praises Adam: "He is really a gentlemen, treats girls gently and his words makes girls feel comfortable. Every female that he chats with, they all laugh out loud from within the heart! (What did you learn?) Very little, he is Chor Lau Heung, I am bad gag king!" During the time, Moses was playing "flying" magic on the spot and reveals that there is one under water magic scene in the series, it was quite challenging. Maggie and Moses play a couple that lives together in the series, she reveals that there are little bed scenes.

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