Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Edison Chen come back !

As an ambassador for the Asia Game Show 2010, Edison Chen entered the opening ceremony in a snazzy sports car. His music video for 'Man in the Mirror', the theme song for the event, was also aired after his arrival. The singer expressed that he had put his heart and soul into singing and wished his fans would listen to it.

Will he return as an actor any time soon? Edison said that he had always enjoyed acting. All he is waiting for now is a chance. He hoped for space from the public and that he would be able to resume acting in 2011. However, he does not plan to ask for a movie opportunity from his boss. He would rather look for a role in the market himself.

Edison also added that while he has had many invitations to appear movies recently, he had rejected all of them because they were romance stories.

"Once someone offered me a movie role, in which I have over 10 girlfriends. However, I have done roles like that before. So I want a more challenging role," said Edison.

The 30-year-old expressed that he would not oppose to being in a movie with Gillian Chung and Cecilia Cheung.

"One collaborates with different actors on a movie set, even if they were not friends," he said.

The singer was also honestly worried that audiences might dislike him. He stated that he would give up if there were no movie offers ultimately. However he would continue to improve his acting skills and feel that his experiences in these recent years would be helpful to him.

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