Sunday, December 26, 2010

Edison Chen new album "CONFUSION"

Edison Chen is officially back to the showbiz and his new album "CONFUSION" is releasing in December 30. Yesterday the singer attended to an opening ceremony event as guest and promoted his new album. He rapped 2 songs but the audience was not too ethusiastic; only Edison's good friends cheered for him.

There are 15 songs in the singer's new album and they are about his experiences from the past 2 years. The only Cantonese song "Reboot" talks about starting over again and "Salute" is inspired by the aftermath of his explicit photos scandal. He said he wants to salute to people who support and did not support him over these 2 years because they gave him strength to do well.

Edison admits he is nervous about his official comeback: "I'm afraid I can't rap anymore. I'm not that worried facing several thousands people in Shanghai. But it's Hong Kong here, but after today I have nothing to worry about."

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