Sunday, December 26, 2010

Huang Ying first MV "Big Sun”

Huang Ying shows off her signature style, a blend of Chinese folk and rock, in the title song of her first EP Little Huang Ying, Big Sun” (小黄英大太阳). Poised to be eeMedia’s first foray into the folk pop genre, the Sichuan native is already beloved. She won hearts in Super Girls 2009 with her innocent, bubbly personality and a powerful voice that captured the attention of everyone despite having no professional training, unlike most of the other contestants.

She is a unique because she was able to spark an unprecedented surge of interest in the folk genre amongst the younger generation in China, bringing to it a modern youthful spin. In under a week, this single was listened to 3.7 million times, showing how wide her appeal is and how great her potential is in the landscape of Chinese pop. The gorgeous MV for ‘Big Sun’ captures her down to earth appeal perfectly, by pairing off the catchy song with beautiful shots of nature. Huang Ying not only designed the red dress for her MV “Big Sun,” she also braved below zero temperature in that dress while filming.

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