Sunday, December 12, 2010

Joey Yung new advertisement

Joey Yung was shooting a new set of Ads for an electronic chain store endorsement. Being able to take part in the production and creation, she frankly said that she is feeling very nervous. In the Ad, Joey encounters her childhood crush and will personally choose her crush that she has most feel with. Among a group of foreign male models, she chose a Spanish male model with blonde hair. She laughed: "His eyes are so attractive, like the lead actor Robert Pattinson in the film Twilight."

During the shoot, Joey saw the Spanish model's attractive eyes and could not stop laughing, just thinking back she laughs: "He is a very funny guy, we have to look deeply into one another eyes, seeing him chok a pair of electrifying eyes, I couldn't hold in my laughter. There was one part, I NGed over 10 times, even the photographer and all the staff were laughing before the cameras rolled. It took 15 minutes before the director could get us to stop laughing so we can continue with the shoot. His eyes are like a 'step nail'. Next time choosing a partner, need to be careful."

In another Ad, Joey was dressed as a Rock Band lead vocalist in her favorite blonde hair leather jacket look. She felt that it stands out enough. During filming, when Joey was preparing the song, she said: "We used 72 hours to complete 4 Ads, we even filmed a MV and a 'making of' clip too. We changed the set 4 times and 3 different costumes. Absolutely a whole creation of its own."

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