Saturday, December 04, 2010


At the "MY AOD MY FAVORITE TVB SERIES AWARDS CEREMONY 2010", Can't Buy Me Love were the big winners of the night. Besides Moses Chan and Charmaine Sheh winning My Favorite TV Leading Actor and Actress, they also won My Favorite TV Series awards. As for No Regrets, only Pierre Ngo and Fala Chen won My Favorite Supporting Actor and Actress!

When Charmaine went on stage to accept her award, she expressed that winning this award is not easy and that she has to thank TVB executive Catherine Tsang because she was the one who asked Charmaine to participate in her very first series. Charmaine also said that Catherine often says that she is ugly to impact her and also taught her that she cannot be proud. About the TVB Anniversary Awards held the evening after tomorrow, Charmaine expressed: "The results will be known the evening after tomorrow, I will face it like normal."

Sheren Tang lost to Charmaine and only won "Top 10 My Favorite TV Characters" for her role in No Regrets. She expressed that she is not unhappy about losing and expressed that only the first 10 episodes of No Regrets was counted in Malaysia. To be able to win an award with Wayne Lai, she feels happy.

As for Tavia Yeung, this year she part of the top 5 for Best Actress award, but she frankly said that she personally gives her vote to Charmaine Sheh and for TV King she supports Moses Chan, not her partner Raymond Lam. Tavia was asked if she has confidence for winning herself? She said that this year everyone is evenly matched. Asked why she's not voting for her partner Raymond Lam? She said she hopes that Raymond can wait for her to get TV Queen, so they can get the award together.

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