Wednesday, December 08, 2010

News : TVB Anniversary Awards 2010

At the TVB Anniversary Awards 2010 the night before, Raymond Lam won two awards including the " Popularity Award" and the "My Favorite TV Male Character Award".

After the ceremony ended, Raymond was met by 500 fans outside of TVB City to celebrate the success and his birthday on December 8th with him. Fans gave him several different gifts, including a paper made trophy. The responsible fans who gave him the award expressed: "Number 1 chok look!" The scene was quite humorous. Raymond expressed that his birthday wish is for a smooth career and that he can have more time next year to spend with his family: "I know my grandma is getting old, I hope to spend more time with her. (Give great grandchildren for your grandma?) Let my younger brother and sister to do it! (You can't?) I have no time!" Also, towards the public questioning his two awards and that the people in TVB are making fun of his chok look, Raymond expressed through a phone interview: "As far as I know, the two awards are based on votes, thank you fans and audience for voting and supporting me for so long. (Get teased by own people?) I don't mind, just playing. We are all just joking."

One of the Fuk Luk Sau, Wong Cho Lam is part of all the chok look teasing, finally apologized to Raymond's fans on Weibo. He accepted a phone interview and said: "Us three are separated, how did I know it's like stabbing Raymond 3 times, Senior Raymond and I are good friends, this time I hope to appease him and his fans on Weibo." He also reveals that the night before, Raymond attended the Fuk Luk Sau concert celebration, there was no embarrassment when they all met.

"Liza and Gods" Producer (Ho Siu Wai) expressed: "It's over after everyone plays. In fact, it's not just playing on the show, also played at the awards ceremony! I understand how Raymond's fans feels, we all love him. (TVB allowed it?) Using the word 'allow' is too serious, if people outside can't talk, and people within the company can't talk, then the room for creativity is really small!"

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