Wednesday, December 08, 2010

TV King and Queen award

After Wayne Lai and Sheren Tang were crowned TV King and Queen, they stayed at TVB City until after midnight to celebrate with fans. Sheren was also dressed in T-shirt with a cartoon version of "Miss Nine" on it, while fans were holding "Outstanding, Well Deserved, TVB Award, Miss Nine Is The Best" banners, gave her a portrait of Miss Nine and created their own "Forever TV Queen" trophy for their idol. The trophy also had a creative and attractive Miss Nine doll. Sheren was so happy she laughed out loud and said: "My fans are not just star chasing, they have good talent too!"

Fans also celebrated Sheren's 25th Anniversary in the industry with her, Sheren could not help but say: "You all are smarter than me, this award gave me the influence that the middle-aged or just entered the industry people, it is not important during a down time, most important is hard work!" Sheren celebrated with her fans until after 1am, Sheren then left in her 7-seater van.

On the other side, Wayne Lai, his wife Julia and son (Lai Jing Kiu) were also celebrating with 20-30 fans. Wayne's fans pulled out a "TV King Brilliant Wayne, acting king, once No Regrets appears, follows by brilliant lights" banner, a perfect match with Sheren's group. Wayne's fans were also very enthusiastic, after a group photo, they didn't even let Julia go, and wanted Wayne's hug.

Asked Wayne if after winning TV King, there is a pay increase? He laughed: "No, last year already had luck, this year went so smoothly, I am already very satisfied."

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