Monday, December 06, 2010

TVB Anniversary Awards 2010

Charmaine Sheh came back to HK early to attend the "TVB Anniversary" Awards held tonight and beat Sheren Tang last night (Sunday) at the "MY AOD My Favorite TVB Series Awards Ceremony 2010". Yesterday it was widely rumored that she's making a secret move, causing a change in the TV Queen race. During an exclusive interview, Charmaine helplessly said: "Aiya! I came back early, no secret move! (Heard Wayne Lai and Sheren Tang might win, not disappointed?) I have always thought that it was 50-50, the best result is that either of the two pairs gets it, like either Wayne and Sheren or Moses Chan and I. If it's really Wayne and Sheren, then I am truly happy for them, they have done very well. (Rumored that your fighting for the award?) Don't say that, will make me nervous, but tonight I will definitely be able to sleep because I've been having too much work lately and am exhausted." Charmaine believes that she will be nervous at the last moment during the awards ceremony, no matter if she loses or wins, she will truthfully reveal her happiness or unhappiness and will not try to hide it.

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