Monday, December 20, 2010

TVB new series Links To Temptation

Steven Ma, Fala Chen, Yoyo Mung and Johnson Lee attended the promotional event to TVB new series Links To Temptation. Fala said: "This is the first series I have the most screen time, hope there will be high ratings." During the Christmas holidays, she will be going back to the U.S to visit her family and also may go on a trip together. Asked if her boyfriend will give a marriage certificate to her as a Christmas gift? She said that marriage and Christmas are not related. What she really wants to get is a creative and practical Christmas gift.

Links To Temptation will be broadcasting through the Christmas holidays, during the long break, TV ratings will be affected. Steven said that his series has always been airing during the long vacation breaks. About the TVB promotions, it will go as usual. Steven will have to put in more effort in tweeting on Weibo as a source of promotion. Steven said that last year A Watchdog's Tale broadcast during Christmas time too, fortunately they were able to maintain in the top 5 rated series. Steven's other series Seven Day Love Separation will also be broadcasting during the Lunar New Year. He forced a smile: "Fortunately the World Cup only happens once every 4 years, otherwise the series I'm in will be accompanying everyone to watch sports every year."

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