Saturday, January 29, 2011

New TVB series, Flying Tigers <飛虎>

Jessica Hsuan, Joe Ma Tak Chung, and Him Law appeared at the prayer ceremony for new TVB series, Flying Tigers <飛虎>. Sporting a new short hairstyle for her role as a police officer, Jessica said that it has been a long time since she cut hair in such a short fashion. Her mother and boyfriend praised Jessica’s new hairstyle. “My mother said that this hairstyle makes me look more alert! My boyfriend preferred longer hair in the past. After I cut my hair, he said it was outright cute and suited my personality. I can even wash my hair more frequently now!”

Since Joe spent the majority of 2010 filming in China , he did not have an opportunity to tone his body for his role in Flying Tigers. “I was hospitalized earlier so I could not exercise more. My tonsil inflammation turned into inflammation of the heart muscle. My doctor said that I can not work out too strenuously.”

Joe smiled and said that he will let Him Law and other male co-stars be the muscle men in the series. Was Joe concerned that his performance will be compared Michael Wong Man Tak? “No, Michael Wong’s image is deeply ingrained in the audience’s mind. I have the advantage of my G4 experience and we’re body different.”

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