Sunday, January 02, 2011

Upcoming TVB series "Return to Three Kingdoms"

Ron Ng, Steven Ma, and Fala Chen are originally the main leads of upcoming TVB series "Return to Three Kingdoms" (ε›žεˆ°δΈ‰εœ‹) as it was seen in the 2010 TVB Sales Presentation. However, now it is said Raymond Lam and Tavia Yeung would be the leads, making the series appeared to be Season 2 of "Mysteries of Love." It is said TVB hopes to push Raymond and Tavia to be TV King and Queen of next year with this series. A bunch of netizens have been discussing this incident already and many object Raymond replacing Ron, saying it is unfair to Ron.

Reporters contacted Ron yesterday and he frankly said he has heard of the dispute. As for it is possible that Raymond would take his role, he said: "Actually everyone knows the leads in the sales presentation promotion clips won't necessary be arranged to shoot the drama. Not only this one, but it happens to other dramas as well. Although I think it's an interesting drama when I was reading the script, but I won't mind. Plus, I heard this drama to start shooting in March. I need to shoot "Forensic Heroes 3" by then, so there's a schedule conflict, can't shoot this drama at all." In addition, asked whether he afraid to have rumors again with Charmaine Sheh during shooting "Forensic Heroes 3," he said: "No, we're only working."

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