Monday, September 05, 2011

New drama "What Lies in Marriage & Separation"

Hong Kong actress Joyce Tang Lai Ming is making heads turn lately. Thanks to a series of sexy breast enhancement ads, fans are now looking at the actress in a different light.

Known for her tomboy image to many, the 35-year-old underwent three months of breast enhancement treatments, courtesy of a breast enhancement salon of which she is the ambassador.

"Everyone always thought of me as a tomboy, but I have a more womanly figure now. The audience can have a change of viewpoint in me knowing that I am feminine too," said Tang.

Now, the starlet is flaunting her increased cup size – from a 32A to a 33C – for the cameras.

During a commercial shoot, the celebrity was initially worried that she might accidentally expose herself while performing stunts on a trampoline clad in a sexy black bra and tight pants.

"It was an unduly worry as there wasn't even a single slip-up. I felt extremely confident when doing any movements!"

Tang revealed that there are perks to the enhancement, literally.

For one, she's ditching the extra padding or tapes to help create the illusion of a bigger cup size for her sexier roles.

Tang said although she hit puberty earlier than her peers, her figure hasn't changed much since. While she did not envy her more "well-developed" classmates when she was younger, it affected her confidence as she got older.

The TVB actress will begin shooting a new drama "What Lies in Marriage & Separation" come October alongside Eddie Cheung and Kiki Sheung.

On her love life, the actress is reportedly dating a 40-year-old man outside of showbiz.

She'd had uneventful love relationships in the past with fellow Hong Kong actor Marco Ngai and Derek Kwok Ching Hung. Both men married and became fathers recently.

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