Monday, September 05, 2011

News : Lives of Omission "潛行狙擊"

Bosco and Kate’s passionate scenes have become the hot topic among netizens. This was thanks to Lives of Omission Producer, Chong Wai Kin (莊偉健). Bosco noted, “Prior to filming, Mr. Chong said he had good things in stall for me. There will be numerous kissing scenes. It was his intention to contrast Kate and my relationship with Laughing Gor and Madam Jo’s (Fala Chen’s 陳法拉) relationship. I used a destructive approach; the more I loved Kate’s character, the more I hated her. I asked Mr. Chong whether he would mind if I acted as a lion biting a lioness? Since Cripple Co entered the triad world to finance Kate’s education, he received his first major shortcoming in life. He loved and hated her very much; it was an atypical love.”

Acting in such a bold manner, of course Bosco had to communicate with Kate first. He recalled, “We kissed on the first day of filming. I told Kate Tsui that she had to be mentally prepared. In the first eight to ten episodes, I will act as a lion biting a lioness: pulling her hair, as well as biting her shoulders, neck, and lips. Kate looked at me and said, ‘I am unafraid of how you will treat me. I am just afraid of your mustache!’ It turned out that the two qualities she hated the most in men, smoking and possessing a mustache, were found in Cripple Co.”

Despite their passionate performance in Lives of Omission, Bosco swore that they did not share any real flames, “I saw her as a man!” When pointed out that Kate Tsui was a goddess among netizens, Bosco chuckled continuously, “Despite putting her beautiful appearance before the audience, her attire when she arrives to work makes you wonder whether she is a guy! I am more pretty than her! When I leave home, I will try to match my outfits. She will wear torn jeans and a haphazard t-shirt. When driving to outdoor filming locations, Kate’s car conditions surprised me. The inside of her car is very messy, with cables and clothes thrown everywhere! It does not resemble the interior of a woman’s car! I am one hundred times neater than her! Kate gave me the impression that she is very messy. When I saw the inside of her car, I can imagine how her home must look like!” Asked how Bosco filmed his love scenes if he did not love Kate, he said, “I know her well, but there is no love. If I were to ‘fall in love’ [with co-stars] in each series, then I would be very busy!”

Cripple Co’s love scenes were a strong selling point in Lives of Omission. Another selling point was his battle with Laughing Gor. Although Cripple Co was Laughing Gor’s informer initally, he helped mafia boss, Willie (Leung Kin Ping 梁健平) pin down Spicy Ginger (Ben Wong 黃智賢), while in fact secretly helping Spicy Ginger to destroy Willie. In other words, Cripple Co’s character triple-crossed his “allies” and the audience was concerned about his true identity. Was he in fact an undercover agent?

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