Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Golden Bell Awards held in taiwan

The Golden Bell Awards, held in Taiwan on Oct 21, proved to be a difficult night for model-turned-actress Sonia Sui.

Sonia might have been the most popular celebrity on the red carpet, but the media reported on her wardrobe malfunction -- where she accidentally revealed more than she should -- instead. The actress, who believed she would go home victorious, later lost the Best Actress award to fellow actress Tian Xin.

Before the night of the Golden Bell Awards, Sonia had said that she would cry, regardless of whether she won or not. The actress fought back tears and only cried during the post-party celebration.

The media were also waiting at Sonia's house. Before they could ask her anything, the actress asked, "Do you want to give me a hug?" before hugging a female reporter.

Sonia later spent the night packing her luggage for a trip to Tokyo, Japan to promote her new movie.

At 5am on Oct 22, the actress left a message for her fans on her Facebook.

"I'm sorry to disappoint you," she wrote. Sonia also apologised for her dejected tone when she was announcing the winner for the Best Actor award.

The actress who turned 31 on Oct 22, took a 7am flight to Tokyo, to attend the Tokyo Film Festival.

Throughout her flight, passengers and flight attendants cheered the actress on and wished her 'Happy birthday'.

"I'll definitely put on another good performance, so as to thank you all for your support," Sonia replied.

Sonia's boyfriend and actor Yao Yuan Hao also spoke to the media on Oct 22.

"Although Sonia didn't win this year, there'll always be another opportunity next year. We'll both get nominated [then]. You're the best, happy birthday," he said.

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