Sunday, October 23, 2011

Ip Man 3

Donnie Yen Chi Tan recently accepted a CNN program TALK ASIA interview and discussed his road to success, action film changes over the years and the possibility of IP MAN 3 with host Kristie Lu Stout. Chi Tan even admitted that his family was his pillar and motivation. The program will air in Hong Kong, Singapore and Taipei simultaneously.

Chi Tan since his first film at age 19 has made over 50 films. This 48 year old actor has already become one of the most prominent ace superstar in the Asian film industry, in particular his performance in IP MAN received rave reviews. Chi Tan analyzed the film's success. "Several decades ago when we watched Bruce Lee action films, they were focused on showing masculinity. Yet recently they tended to focus on gentle men who put family first. He was a very passive person, which I thought attracted many female viewers. This was also the reason that this film performed so ideally and exceeded past kung fu films." As for the possibility of IP MAN 3, Chi Tan said, "In the next two years I have to explore and thoroughly utilize every opportunity and try different characters to see how far I can go, then I may possibly consider making IP MAN 3!"

Chi Tan since age four has studied martial art with his mother, but currently he has not instructed his children. Yet when he saw his four year old son James' natural martial art talent he still could not hide his joy inside. He said, "James could punch and kick all day, I don't know where he learned it from. He never watches my movies, but he indeed has natural talent in this area. He can pretend to kick like he has been studying martial art since he was born." In order to spend more time with his family, Chi Tan decided not to make any movie for half a year. Only recently has he returned to work on movies and his schedule has already been jam packed. Chi Tan said, "I have to thank different directors and investors for giving me so many opportunities, but due to limited schedules I have to make sacrifices. Now my schedule has already been filled until the end of next year."

Chi Tan once was the action director or actor on many Hollywood films. He said that in Hollywood he coordinated the action then let the directors and photographers adjust camera positions, but this way was not too desirable. In Hong Kong, stunt coordinator would also serve as action director. He had complete control and could alone or with his team coordinate the action and put the cameras in where he thought the result would be the best. In addition, Chi Tan won Best Actor with THE LOST BLADESMAN (GUAN WONG CHEUNG) at the International Filmmaker Film Festival in Scotland.

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