Monday, October 17, 2011

New film : Woman Knight Of the Mirror Lake

The Mainland actress Huang Yi took her new film WOMAN KNIGHT OF THE MIRROR LAKE to Shanghai Fudan University for a screening. The three teachers and students responded enthusiastically. Students surrounded Huang Yi for autographs. She said that being from Shanghai, this event was very important to her as she wanted to know young students' opinions of the film.

Many students spoke up at the event and Huang Yi responded with humor one by one. When asked about her view on marriage, she also responded and stated that she suggested her divorce first.

Huang Yi said, "I feel woman should have the right to choose marriage. When a woman feels marriage is no longer suitable for her, she should suggest separation. I want to say, I suggested the divorce first." Huang Yi encouraged students to face the inequalities between the sexes in society and continue to work hard.

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