Monday, October 17, 2011

TVB new series : Forensic Heroes III

TVB new series Forensic Heroes III premiered last night. The average premiere rating was 34 points and peaked at 35 points. For now, FH3 is the leader of the highest rated premiere in 2011. TVB is holding a celebration today to boost the momentum.

Lead actor Wayne Lai learned of FH3's high premiere rating and felt very happy. He believes the ratings will continue to rise, and may have a chance to reach 37 points on average. Wayne expressed if the average rating is 35 points, he will treat everyone for a meal. Earlier Wayne only had 50% confidence to get TV King depending on FH3. Asked if he has 90% confidence now? Wayne laughed: "Nope! About 80% confidence."

FH3 producer Miu Siu Ching said she felt surprised that FH3 is this year's leader of highest premiere rating. She had confidence for the series to lead with a "3" (30+ PTS), but didn't expect it to reach that hight of 35 points. She felt it's amazing and thanked audience for all the support. Miu Siu Ching is the producer for the Forensic Heroes trilogy and expressed FH3 is the highest rated among the three. Compared to the production a few years ago, this time the series was able to incorporate high tech equipment. She said Kate Tsui used real Kung Fu to do her fighting scenes and didn't use a stunts double. Earlier it was rumored she and her husband (Producer Lau Ka Ho) were planning to leave TVB to develop in China? She expressed she is currently busy with Prosperous Father and will focus on completing the production before considering other matters.

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