Wednesday, February 29, 2012

New mini-album "Grown-Up"

SEOUL: Korean boy band FT Island's management agency FNC Music had on Friday taken legal action against Korean cosmetics brand Baviphat for alleged breach of contract, reported Korean media. "The company infringed on the rights of the band by using their likenesses for their marketing efforts in Japan, Malaysia and other countries in Asia without permission," said a spokesperson for FNC Music. FNC Music explained that even though Baviphat had earlier signed an agreement with FT Island to endorse its products, the agreement only allowed Baviphat to use the band in its marketing campaigns within Korea. The company further claimed that Baviphat had continued to feature FT Island in their promotional materials even after their product endorsement deal had expired. FNC Music said it is seeking 200 million won (S$222,000) in compensation – 40 million (S$44,500) for each of FT Island's five members - from Baviphat for its alleged breach of contract. FT Island, who made their debut in 2007, is currently in the midst of promoting their new mini-album "Grown-Up".

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