Tuesday, March 13, 2012


The film NIGHTFALL (DAI JUI BO) two nights ago held its Mongkok premiere. Nick Cheung Ka Fai, Janice Man Wing Shan, Kay Tse On Kay, Candy Yu On On, Michael Wong Man Tak all attended. Everyone coordinated with the film and performed a gun firing ceremony. Earlier the film received great responses from numerous Mainland screenings. Was Ka Fai confident about its Hong Kong box office? He said that he would be nervous before the film release and hoped for more and more at the box office. Ka Fai this time had no line at all. Was it great not to have to remember any line? Ka Fai said, "On a certain level it's good, but because of that I had to express emotions through expressions and body language. I needed to spend even more time and effort to cultivate my emotions. The feeling is like I am making a silent film." Tse On Kay said that she was afraid of Ka Fai because he often hid in a corner to cultivate emotions. Later she realized that Ka Fai actually knew how to laugh. In addition, Yu On On earlier was rumored to be dating a younger man. Two nights ago she said that he was her co-star in the play BOUNDLESS MOVEMENT (PIN DEI FONG FEI), Ling Man Lung. Because in the play they played mother and son, they got along so well during their performance that she treated him like a "son" just like she treated Janice Man like a daughter. She said that Ling Man Lung was somewhat upset because he was not used to being reported and stated that he was not pursuing her. She too would not date anyone around his daughter's age and joked that she was prepared to introduce girls to Ling Man Lung. Would she introduce Janice Man? Janice Man immediately declined, claiming that she was a traditional person and "siblings" could not possibly date. After the premiere the group attended an after party. Ka Fai was in great spirit. He not only thanked everyone for their support but also asked them what they thought about the movie. Janice Man was teary eyed from Ka Fai's performance. That night her mother also came in support of her. Tse On Kay, whose birthday will be on March 13, had to rush to an advanced birthday party that her friends were holding for her. She only chatted with Ka Fai for awhile before leaving. When Ka Fai left the party loyal fans presented him with gifts to wish for box office success for his film. Ka Fai chatted with fans and posed for photos, finally leaving early in the morning.

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