Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Chrissie Chau Sau Na and Ava Yu yesterday appeared at the Hong Kong Film Market to promote THE BAUHINIA HEROINE 3D (JI GAING HUP 3D). Chau Sau Na broke boards with kicks and performed cartwheels. Later Chau Sau Na explained that because she had to kick she was dressed more conservatively. For this film she trained for a month. Everyday she stretched. She said that her nose and her knees now have become closer and closer friends. Later they might even live together. Has she tried her hands on her boyfriend? She said that she did not dare to because her boyfriend had a pair of scissors in his hands. Has she learned to defend herself now? Chau Sau Na said not yet because she still was not great at it yet. Will she switch to the action genre later and stop being sexy? She said, "No, right now I am learning the basics. I am very glad that this film had time for me to train."

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