Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Strongest & Most Popular Commercial Awards 2012

Moses Chan and Linda Chung attended TVB Weekly's Strongest & Most Popular Commercial Awards 2012. Moses and Linda won the Most Popular Commercial King and Queen respectively. Moses had always been advertisers' favorite, he frankly expressed he won this award for many years and to him, this award is a very practical honor. Also, he had never cared too much about the TVB anniversary awards, "If you ask me, which award I would be happier with, the acting or commercial award? I think getting the commercial award makes me happier because you can't just get this award that easily. (Because the value is more attractive?) Thank you! I'm very happy." He said this year he filmed 7 commercials and his previous wish of filming a property commercial had also been fulfilled. Now the only wish he has is to do an automobile commercial.

When speaking of earning the 'yuan' in Mainland is difficult too, Moses is currently leaving lots of footsteps in commercials and pocketing lots. He laughed: "Thank you, I'm trying to do my best." When asked if he'll ask TVB to give him more jobs with girlfriend Aimee Chan, so they can work as a couple team? He said: "I don't mind! (Shoot a wedding ad?) Not good! Wait a little longer first. (You get paid double or even triple?) Again, it's cheap to use me."

This is Linda's first year getting this award, she frankly expressed she feels excited. This year her manager got her 5 commercials and her achievements has been ideal. She said: "But it's interesting, I get a lot of cleaning and disinfectant commercials. I'm very pleased with my income this year, my parents are also happy for me. This year is considered the year I earned the most. (What do you want to buy to reward yourself?) I'm looking for a home, hoping to get a 1,500sqft one. Still saving up." Moses said he's happier to get the commercial award? Linda laughed: "I want the Best Actress award too, but this award already filled up my purse."

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